Payment Services Digital Wallet

PayBnB is a consumer-facing payment service solution that simplifies purchase and exchange between suppliers and consumers. As its name suggests, PayBnB aims to create a community where shopping can be easy, decentralized, and barrier-free.

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FunPodium's PayBnB boasts a wealth of value-added features, bridging the gap between businesses and customers for greater peace of mind on both sides.

PayBnB features:
  • Multiple ways to accept payment

    Add multiple local bank accounts, debit cards, and third-party payment services to the app for flexible payment collection options.

  • Let customers pay through methods they know and trust

    PayBnB supports popular payment tools from credit cards, debit cards, to third-party online payment platforms. You can add up to five payment collection QR codes for centralized management.

  • A digital wallet for making deposits

    PayBnB comes with a digital wallet that you can make deposits to. No need to transfer from your bank account every time.

  • Your payment history at a glance

    Keep track of outgoing payments, incoming payments, and logistics. Get comprehensive reports on your account balance, revenue, and commission performance.

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  • Easily set payment limits

    Customize the maximum payment amount allowed. Change it anytime.

  • Quicker and more secure logins

    Enable pattern lock and biometric authentication for quicker access and greater security.

  • Invite your friends

    Engage people in your community by simply sending them a system generated referral code in mere seconds.

  • Customer support

    Got a question? Reach out for assistance directly in the app.