What’s Fun about Lunch Time

Written by Alex Sieh

FunPodium's mealtime is always such fun, and the werewolf board game is exactly what everyone is excited about!

Invited by Tiffany, our IT recruiter, employees from various departments gathered at the conference table. Because some of us weren’t familiar with the other employees and the werewolf game, we went through a round of self-introductions and spend a few minutes on game explanation. Then, the host started the game with the classic opening line "Please close your eyes when the night falls." The werewolves began to choose the villagers who they wanted to kill for the night. The hunter and the witch hid their identity in order to look for the target of their stunts. The prophet low-key checked the identities of the people he/she was skeptical about, and the villagers were busy filtering out the werewolves. As the player who was pointed out as a werewolf desperately defended himself and fake prophets tried to convince people to take their opinions, the conference table during the mealtime was full of laughter!

"The werewolf turned out to be you!" What impressed me the most was that whenever people find werewolves around them, they would start asking the werewolves how they managed to hide their identity as a werewolf. I still remember a round of game when the werewolves were from different departments but they did very well hiding their identities and cooperating with each other to find out who was the prophet hiding in the dark. But the result was unexpected. The villagers were not people who could be easily dealt with. The villagers, despite not knowing each other well, worked together to find the werewolves and turned the tables. I was truly surprised!

After their first experience of the game, everyone seemed to have different thoughts and was looking forward to the next werewolf game. So, everyone gathered in the meeting room every noon to advance their game skills. A little bird even told me that some people are secretly preparing themselves at home! Whether you are a beginner, an experienced player, or a foreigner who speaks different languages, you can always participate in the werewolf board game. Although we started off being unfamiliar with one another, we slowly got to know different people and we actually began to chat with each other not only about the details of the game but also about the little and big things in our lives. This is FunPodium’s working lifestyle and this is what makes FunPodium’s lunchtime so special and fun.