Team Building - Acrylic Painting

Written by Corporate Communication

Time flies! Before you know it, we are already entering late autumn. The weather in Taipei is getting chillier as days flee by in a hustle. As we soak ourselves in the autumn atmosphere, the recruiting team initiated a team-building event to let our employees take a rest and shake off the autumn drowsiness. Hopefully, through each stroke, the employees can relieve their stress and recharge their energy, carrying a myriad of energy back to work as we wrap up the year in three months.  

After getting off work, everyone went to the Paint Sip studio with anticipation. As we walked in, aprons and drawing tools were already set up on the table. Following the teacher's step-by-step instruction, all of us began to pick up paintbrushes for painting. Sometimes we discussed painting with our neighbors, and sometimes we looked for teachers for help. The atmosphere was filled with laughter and compliments. Maybe it was the alcohol that elevated the atmosphere, or perhaps everyone got to know their colleagues further, each one of us was immersed in this beautiful night and this team-building event ended perfectly.  

This is the charm of art, helping distinctive departments blend together like paint colors. Maybe at the beginning, people had no clue nor an idea in their mind. But with the guidance of the teacher, everyone eventually got relaxed, painted freely, and created their own art pieces. FunPodium wants everyone to know that there will always be setbacks and difficulties in life, but as long as you dare to challenge and keep trying, there are no obstacles that you can't overcome. You may get unexpected results from repeated efforts!  

Looking forward to your participation in the next team-building event!