Tangyuan Workshop for Lantern Festival

Written by Corporate Communication

It was Lantern Festival on February 26th. To follow the tradition, a tangyuan workshop was held to let our employees enjoy the festival together.  


Ever since the Sung dynasty, people started enjoying tangyuan during the Lantern Festival. Tangyuan, also known as yuan xiao, is usually made from glutinous rice flour with either sesame or peanut as the filling. Tangyuan can be cooked in different ways, such as boiling, steaming, or even frying. In Chinese, the pronunciation of tangyuan is homophonic to "reunion". Thus, apart from enjoying the flavor of this dessert, people also eat tangyuan to wish for blessings for their families. 


A workshop was prepared for our FunPodium family to make tangyuan from scratch! After all the ingredients were mixed well and the dough had the right consistency, the fun part began as everyone molded their tangyuan into desired shapes. In the end, we had tangyuan in all sorts of shapes, be it bear, cat, star, or heart. As the sweet soup base finished cooking, everyone savored the heartwarming dessert together.  


Happy Lantern Festival and let’s stay together to work hard for the upcoming year!