Preparing for 2021 CNY - Spring Couplets Writing

Written by Corporate Communication

Writing spring couplets is one example of traditional Chinese New Year customs. There are a few tales regarding the origin of spring couplets. But one tale, in particular, is very interesting.

Back in the old days, there was a scary monster called "Nian-Shou (年獸)", and it would hunt people down during Chinese New Year. People were very terrified, so they would leave their houses and hide in the mountains. People didn’t feel safe to stay home during the Chinese New Year until someone found out the weaknesses of Nian-Shou, which are loud noises and red items. People defeated Nian-Shou by setting off firecrackers and sticking red couplets on their doors. Ever since Nian-Shou was defeated, people kept the custom and started writing words for good fortune on the red spring couplets, hoping for a great new year. 

Although printing technology has advanced and people can now buy nicely printed spring couplets, there are still quite a few people who like to write their own spring couplets to keep the traditional Chinese New Year custom going. Therefore, to kick off 2021, GA team decided to hold a spring couplet writing activity for our employees. Be it writing or drawing, English or Chinese, everyone explored their creativity during the activity. Let’s start the year with auspicious red!