Internship Feedback

Written by Kimi Chou

I am so grateful to have my first internship in FunPodium, a place that allows interns to try different things and brainstorm innovative ideas! 

During my three months working with the Recruitment team, I am really thankful for Tiffany and Elane, who always listened to my opinions patiently and let me take ownership of multiple tasks such as testing different post contents, participating in the interview process, and planning for the future FUN Talk program. On top of this, they also encouraged me to take the initiative to participate in various projects and meetings, which gave me the opportunities to interact with other departments. I would like to thank everyone that I meet here in FunPodium, who always cared for me and are willing to share their professional knowledge, allowing me to learn new things every day.

Last but not least, I love the working atmosphere in FunPodium, as joy and encouragement are pervasive and the company cares about employees’ minds and health. If you want to start your internship, believe me, FunPodium will be your place to harvest and grow! I truly appreciate and cherish this internship experience!