From Workday to Adventure: Fun Day at The Great Roots Forestry Spa Resort!

Written by Corporate Communication

At Funpodium, we know that fostering a strong team dynamic is key to success. So, when faced with a make-up work day last Saturday, we decided to shake things up by turning a typical make-up work day into an unforgettable team bonding experience. We visited The Great Roots Resort in Sanxia for a day of team bonding and adventure. From playing hilarious rounds of "Who's the Spy?" to tackling mountain climbs and leisurely bush walks, we soaked up the sun and shared plenty of laughs. 

What made it truly amazing was seeing talents from all departments in Funpodium come together, building stronger connections. It was a great day, fueling our collective energy for the challenges ahead. 

Thanks to everyone who joined us! Let's continue to inspire each other because, when we're together, we create an environment that's innovative, agile, and fun.