Afternoon Tea Gathering with the Interns

Written by Corporate Communication

“We are here to learn new things and teach others.” This is what our CEO, John, believes in, and what John hopes to see from everyone in the company. So, he wants to make sure that our incoming interns are also on the same page. Therefore, the recruitment team organized an afternoon tea gathering on July 10th with the senior staff and the interns to pass along this belief. 

John kicked off the event by welcoming the interns and sharing episodes from his life, including his past entrepreneurial experiences and how FunPodium was born. “I don’t expect you to contribute any value to the company, but I expect you to learn new things here at the company,” said John to the interns, closing off his speech. Then, the senior staff took turns introducing themselves, their teams, and what they do at work. From the round of introductions, the interns were able to grasp a brief understanding of the options they have when it comes to choosing the team that they want to go to. Soon after, pizza boxes were open and it was time for the interns to freely approach the senior staff and raise any questions they have. As conversations took place here and there, laughter and smiles were exchanged, and everyone got the chance to know each other better.

We hope that the interns and the senior staff gained a rewarding experience through this gathering. Moreover, we hope that this gathering served as a stepping stone for future communication among the interns and the company.

And here are some feedbacks from the interns: