A Dynamic 2023 - Navigating Change with Enthusiasm

Written by Corporate Communication

As we bid farewell to an extraordinary 2023, it has been a year of profound transformation at FunPodium. Embracing change and progress, we welcomed new leadership, exciting challenges, and rediscovered our sense of purpose.Despite the busyness of 2023, we created lasting memories during our unforgettable company trip to Hualien. Surrounded by breathtaking landscapes, we bonded, celebrated teamwork, and had an abundance of FUN.

Adding a thrilling twist to our team-building, we organized our own Battle Royale on the paintball battlefield—tiring, painful, but undeniably memorable and exceptionally fun.

To every dedicated team member, our deepest gratitude. Your hard work, resilience, and commitment have been the driving forces behind our success. Thank you for making 2023 truly unforgettable. Here's to an exhilarating 2024 ahead!