2021 Town Hall Meeting

Written by Corporate Communication

To mark the end of this year's Employee Satisfaction Survey, our CEO, John, decided to hold a Town Hall Meeting on November 15th to bring everyone together and align our thoughts.  

Town Hall meetings, also known as all-hands meetings, are a way for company management to meet and connect with their employees. During this Town Hall meeting, John talked about who we are as a company, how we serve as a solution provider, and went through where the company is currently at and where it is going in the upcoming year. Last but not least, a Q&A session was also held so that John can answer the questions from our employees in person.  

FunPodium hopes to establish a working environment where learning is constant, teaching is multidirectional and everyone is happy. Hopefully, this town hall meeting served the purpose of delivering this notion across and connected us with one another.

See you all at next year’s Town Hall!