2021 Mid-Autumn Festival Clay Fun

Written by Corporate Communication

The Mid-Autumn festival is one of the three important festivals for families to get together, and we often hear people say "a company is like a big family”. However, it is inevitable that people at the workplace sometimes get too focused on their work that they seldom come together to know their colleagues or do something fun and interesting. For that reason, “Mid-Autumn Clay Fun” is held to provide colleagues with an opportunity to get to know each other and enjoy a fun time like a family. 

Each participant was given a set of modeling clay to create anything that is related to the moon festival. The beginning of such a creative process was a bit slow for some colleagues, but they caught up quickly once they got inspiration. The colleagues who had ideas straightaway soon created their art pieces, and all those creations looked very lively! As everyone concentrated on their artwork for a little while, the room became quiet. Nonetheless, shortly the atmosphere started to liven up when colleagues saw and appreciated each other's work. 

There are so many people gifted with artistic talent in the FunPodium. Some are creative in their artwork, and some are ingenious in their ideas. When colleagues shared the inspiration of their artwork one by one, everyone learned a bit more about each other and had joyful moments. After the sharing, we voted and chose the top 5 artists. From the voting process, you could really tell everyone really looked up to each other's work. The event was a simple and lovely activity that got everyone together and enjoyed quality time.